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About Autentika

Autentika is Europe's premier newsroom consultancy, combining profound technological expertise with advanced editorial insights and strategic workflow analysis.

Today, we are a consulting and delivery team turning business tools into apps that make you thrive. But our path to this coveted position did not happen overnight.

Our story began 18 years ago and has been through several transformative phases that have paved the way for positioning ourselves as a digital transformation partner for newsrooms.

Over the years, we have gained experience with various projects and the development of different products in different industries.

A turning point came with a project in collaboration with Wirtualna Polska. Our cooperation started with designing several proofs of concepts that tested new ways of news consumption. With time, we rebuilt WP’s back-office system and developed a new, enterprise-wide application for content editing. We also replaced and unified more than 20 different apps and editorial tools and created a coherent design system.

Over time, Autentika and Wirtualna Polska found that they kept up with the industry and were ahead of their time.

You can read more about the outcomes of this ongoing collaboration in this case study and the text we’re featuring in "The Newsroom of Tomorrow".

The Newsroom of Tomorrow

For the past years, we have successfully divided our time between ambitious design & development projects for various industries and the holistic digital transformation process of the media industry. For the last year, we have immersed ourselves in the media world, engaging in numerous conversations with industry leaders, experts in journalism, editorial products, newsroom analytics and AI visionaries. We have also conducted several discovery processes for the media industry.

These interactions have enriched our understanding of the evolving media landscape and inspired us to share our conclusions and insights with a broader audience.

This is how the idea of "The Newsroom of Tomorrow" was born.

Besides, we simply enjoy studying how newsrooms work and then turning their potential into editorial systems they love.


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